Cognitive Behavioral Worksheets

Goal Setting Worksheet

This document allows you to set a goal and then see how this goal can be broken down into small manageable pieces. It works best if you do a separate worksheet for each overarching goal you are working on. This is something you can work on by yourself or with your therapist. It is especially helpful if you are unsure of how you can go about changing something that you want to change.

Belief Driven Formulation

This simple worksheet allows you to look at a current situation in terms of emotions, body sensations, thoughts, and beliefs. It works best if you do a separate worksheet for every situation you want to work on. You can work on this by yourself or with a therapist. This sheet is especially helpful for people who want to examine their own process around a current life situation.

Anxiety and Depression Worksheets

Working With Anxiety

This worksheet allows you to look at what triggers your anxious feelings, how it feels physically, and how you can cope with it in a positive way. This worksheet is most helpful if you bring it in and talk to a therapist about it. It is important to note that doing this worksheet will not cure anxiety and often people experiencing anxiety need more help working with it.

Working with Depression

This worksheet allows you to examine triggers, thoughts, and feelings surrounding feelings of depression. Additionally it asks you to look at how you might cope with these feelings in a positive way. It is important to remember that this worksheet is not a substitute for therapy. If you are feeling hopeless or like you want to end your life please reach out for crisis intervention services. You can call the police (911) or you can call the Sonoma Mental Health Hotline (800) 746-8181.

Addiction Recovery Worksheets